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Gaming gear. Why do you need it?

To explain why do You need gaming gear, and why actually it is imperative for Your progress as a gamer that allows You to reach Your full potential (especially in CS:GO), i’ll use simple analogy.

gaming gear


Lets say, hypothetically, that You are a car racer. You have all the possible skill that You could have as a car racer, but You have bad, worn tires on Your car. Still, You go and compete with other car racers that actually have everything good on their cars. By having bad tires You don’t have full control of Your car, thereby You are not using Your full potential as a car racer. Eventually You’ll lose because of that.

Same goes to e-sport and CS:GO where You compete with other players. If You don’t have decent gaming gear, You will be behind other players very often, even if You are better skillwise than them.

By not having a good, quality mouse with fast response time that can read Your movement, You are losing Your aiming potential, thereby You are losing duels which You should have won, and eventually losing games. And You might be thinking – “I’m not good enough, i’m bad at this game”. That’s not necessarily true, in fact, maybe You have potential to be very good player, but Your gear is holding You down.

Here we will show you the best 5 mices for CS:GO that pro-players use:

 Steelseries Rival 300steelseries rival 300Zowie EC1&EC2-AoyGPv6dlZowie FK1fk1Razer Deathadder Chromadeathadder_chroma_gallery_4DM1 PRO26-197-036-TS
Design & Comfortability9.
Switches feedback9.
Scroll Wheel feedback
General Evaluation9.
Pro-players usingfriberg, fer, olofmeister, flusha...Edward, Apex, cajunb...reltuC, Aizy, B1ad3, Markeloff...Bondik, Hazed, nitr0...
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Same goes to headphones, which are helping You to hear more movements on the map, and we all know that sound is as important aspect in this game as your aiming skills. You might do a number of kills and win many rounds thankfully to Your sound, and if You know how to use it to Your advantage. Sound is very often gamechanging. That’s why You need good headphones that allows You to have advantage over Your opponents and positionally outplay them.


Some of the best headsets for CS:GO are:


 sennheiser game zero blackSennheiser GAME ZEROhyperx_cloud2_redHyperX Cloud IIrazer kraken chromaRazer Kraken 7.1 ChromaSennheiser PC 363DSennheiser PC 363Dcloud revolver 600x600HyperX Cloud Revolver
Sound Quality109.79.2109.8
Mic Quality
General Evaluation9.
Pro-players usingShox, Scream, ChrisJ, Fox, Karrigan...s1mple, jdm64, Xyp9x, TACO, Bondik...maikelele...markeloff, jkaem, NiKo, rain...
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What about your keyboard? To be fair, unlike the mouse and the headsets, you could sneak through and play competitive CS:GO with casual membrane-keyboard, but again, you would be in disadvantage. Every movement in this game is obviously done by your keyboard, and if it doesn’t respond well, if you couldn’t properly shoulder/jiggle-peak, than you will have hard time to entry-frag, peak angles etc. So, if you want to be complete CS:GO player, you should consider upgrading your membrane-keyboard to a mechanical one.


Some of the best, and most used keyboards by CS:GO pro-players are:


 Corsair k70 rgbCorsair K70
Razer Blackwidow ChromaRazer
SteelSeries 6Gv2 cherry mx redSteelSeries 6Gv2Quick_Fire_TK_1__63356.1447253925.1280.1280CM Storm
Tesoro Durandal_G1NL_esportTesoro
Durandal G1NL
SwitchesCherry MX
Red/Brown switches
Razer Green
Mechanical Switches
Cherry MX Red switchesCherry MX Red/Brown/
Blue switches
Cherry MX Red
and Black
mixed switches
General Evaluation9.89.5/99
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