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Best mouse for CS:GO 2016 | Gaming mouse reviews

To achieve your goals at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and to be able to play on higher level, you need decent gaming gear that will help you improve your gameplay. For starters, two things that are directly related to your performance in CS:GO, and which will help you to improve your skill overall, is your Mouse and Headphones.

Obviously, your skill plays a crucial part of your progress in CS:GO and your skill is
progressive, which means by training and playing you are improving yourself and getting better at CS:GO. But, you cant improve your skill significantly if you don’t have gaming gear, especially good mouse for CS:GO that will help you to improve your aim and muscle memory.

Best csgo mouses


If you wonder how to rank up in CS:GO, or you have higher goals to play on semi-professional or even professional level, no doubt you will need gaming gear to boost your performance. The most important part of the gaming gear for CS:GO, and the one that you shouldn’t avoid by any means if you want to improve in CS:GO, is your mouse.

CS:GO is FPS (first-person-shooter) game, and that means that crucial and gamechanging movements are done by your mouse. Simply, you aim with your mouse, so if your mouse is bad, you can’t use your aiming skills well enough. Lets help you with that and find out which mouse is the best mouse for CS:GO.

CS:GO professional players use variety of different mouses, which tells us that there is not just one mouse that we can say is the best mouse for CS:GO. It’s all about preference. Still, there are some mouses that are just better in performance than others.

When you are “investigating” different type of mice’s, and wondering which is the best mouse for CS:GO to have on your desk, you’ll need to pay attention to the following critical aspects:

  • Overall Sensor Performance
  • Tracking Speed
  • Lift-off-distance
  • Switches Feedback
  • Comfort

We will bring you the top 5 mice for CS:GO that pro-players use.


 Steelseries Rival 300steelseries rival 300Zowie EC1&EC2-AoyGPv6dlZowie FK1fk1Razer Deathadder Chromadeathadder_chroma_gallery_4DM1 PRO26-197-036-TS
Design & Comfortability9.
Switches feedback9.
Scroll Wheel feedback
General Evaluation9.
Pro-players usingfriberg, fer, olofmeister, flusha...Edward, Apex, cajunb...reltuC, Aizy, B1ad3, Markeloff...Bondik, Hazed, nitr0...
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  1. Marcus Marcus
    March 29, 2016    

    I really like the SS rival but my hands are like medium size, it will be problem for me to use the mouse? It looks very large

    • csgogeek csgogeek
      March 29, 2016    

      Hi Marcus,

      The design of the SteelSeries Rival is mainly for the medium-to-large hand sized users. It would be totally comfortable for you if your hands are medium-sized. Make sure to check the full review of the Rival 300 before you make a decision. Here it goes –

  2. Pedro Pedro
    April 26, 2016    

    Wheres logitech, cougar?

    Why would you rate the sensei among the best gaming mouse if the sensor has negative acceleration not many can get used to?

    • csgogeek csgogeek
      April 26, 2016    

      Hi Pedro,

      Logitech Cougar series are not optimal for FPS gaming in our opinion, and the acceleration on the SteelSeries Sensei can be, in fact, repressed to a certain point.

  3. agsz agsz
    May 4, 2016    

    Razer’s Avago 3988/3989 >> Zowie’s Avago 3310. Surprised you listed the Zowie mice as having better sensor performance.

    • csgogeek csgogeek
      May 4, 2016    

      In our testing methodology, Zowie mice proved to be THE most precise when it comes to micro-movements and quick snaps to certain points. Although, the difference is barely notable compared to some other top mice like Rival 300, DA Chroma, Logitech G303 etc.

  4. Beyan justine Beyan justine
    June 18, 2016    

    My hand got around 15 cm tall and 8cm width and im using low profile claw grip,which mouse is the best for me within these all

    • csgogeek csgogeek
      June 18, 2016    

      Hi Beyan,

      For your hand-size, you could look into the Logitech G303 –

      It is a good mouse for small hands, and especially for claw-grip. Also, another alternative would be the SteelSeries Kana v2.

      • Phxnk Phxnk
        August 25, 2016    

        Hello, i have been using the great Logitech MX518 for years but i think about getting a new mouse. The old one is still working but sometimes the scrollwheel seems to send info to the pc that i scrolled upwards but i scrolled down to jump and so it happens that i switch weapons in important moments!
        Other thing I noticed is that the mouse is beeping in a high frequency and its really annoying. I mean i hear that sound IN my headphones! (and its not the headphones fault) I want to try something new but I got pretty comfortable with the size and ergonomics so is there something similar to the MX518 thats even better? Doesnt have to be Logitech though.

        • csgogeek csgogeek
          August 25, 2016    


          You can try the Logitech G502, which has similar shape as the good old MX 518, and it has perfect sensor. if that one is too expensive for you, go for the Logitech G402.

          Also the Rival 300 might be comfortable for you.

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