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Best headsets for CS:GO 2016 | Top 5 gaming headsets

Headsets and mouse are the two imperative things to have if you want to have a chance in competing and improving in CS:GO. One of the most common mistakes among non-professional CS:GO players is that they invest in their mouse, but not in their headsets and keyboard. Imagine yourself playing CS:GO without headphones. Well, we know the outcome, you can have the best aim capabilities in the world, but still you would die like a chicken way too often.Best gaming headphones combined

If you play with casual headphones, yes, you can hear movements and actions on the map, but you can’t hear precisely the angle, distance, and most importantly, you can’t completely hear the direction and distance of the enemy footsteps. In CS:GO, one footstep that you could hear can change the entire outcome of the round, that’s why CS:GO is a game that is heavily sound-sensitive.

Even if you are better skillwise than your opponents, someone might beat you easily just with positional advantage, which is consequential of the in-game sound. To improve in CS:GO, you need to cover every aspect of the game, and properly reacting to sounds is one of them. The sound in this game is more-or-less as important as your aim.

Choosing the right headsets for CS:GO to buy can be indeed very intimidating thing to do, because out there are tons of different, quality headsets and brands, and variety of different headsets for CS:GO that pro-players use. But when you are looking for the best headsets for CS:GO, you should have these aspects in mind:

  • Sound isolation
  • Sound quality
  • Microphone quality 
  • Comfort
  • Durability

Your headsets need to isolate the outer sounds from what you hear in-game. As we said, CS:GO is very sound-sensitive game, so it’s very important that you don’t have any distracting sounds that would interfere with the game, that way you can completely hear literally everything, and use it to your advantage.

Sound quality is a MUST! With the nature of CS:GO, your headphones need to provide high-end sound, which means that the sound need to be clear and precise, because you need to hear every little action such as: footsteps, reloading, changing weapons, gunfire angle, awp scoping, grenade sounds, and the distance of every one of them. There are ton of headphones that are offering good sound quality, but they are not optimal for CS:GO. In this post we will present to you the best headsets for CS:GO, and the most used ones by pro-players, so you can decide which headset to buy without much a hustle.

Microphone quality is very important. CS:GO is a team game, so you need to intensively communicate with your teammates, and exchange information about what happens on the map. If your microphone is bad, they will have hard time understanding you, and in CS:GO, one second late rotation can cost you a round, and potentially a map.

Comfort is also very important aspect to consider. It’s important because in long gaming-sessions, heavy and not truly comfortable headphones can be hard to handle. That’s why you need soft, light and comfortable headphones for CS:GO which will allow you to play many hours without a pain in your ears and your head.

Durability is quite needed, because you don’t want to invest your money in a product that you’ll need to re-buy for 6 months. There is a lot of movement around the headsets, you put them on your head on daily basis, even when you are not playing, so they need to be flexible and durable.

So, all of that said, now you know the criteria for perfect gaming headsets for CS:GO. We, however, will suggest and bring you the top 5 headsets for CS:GO that pro-players use.

 sennheiser game zero blackSennheiser GAME ZEROhyperx_cloud2_redHyperX Cloud IIrazer kraken chromaRazer Kraken 7.1 ChromaSennheiser PC 363DSennheiser PC 363Dcloud revolver 600x600HyperX Cloud Revolver
Sound Quality109.79.2109.8
Mic Quality
General Evaluation9.
Pro-players usingShox, Scream, ChrisJ, Fox, Karrigan...s1mple, jdm64, Xyp9x, TACO, Bondik...maikelele...markeloff, jkaem, NiKo, rain...
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  1. Kown Kown
    June 1, 2016    

    Maikelele uses the HyperX Cloud 2 and s1mple uses the Steelseries Sibera 650

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