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Best keyboard for CS:GO 2016 | Gaming keyboards rating

Beside the inevitable influence of your Mouse and Headphones over your performance in CS:GO, also a huge factor can very well be your keyboard. Since CS:GO is First-Person-Shooter game, you are moving yourself in-game with your keyboard (obviously), and if it does not responds well, you have a huge problem. You need good mechanical keyboard to improve your movements, and we will help you to decide which one is the best keyboard for CS:GO to buy.


Corsair Vengance k70 review

There are a million reasons to switch from conventional-membrane keyboard to a mechanical one, but one of the main reasons is that mechanical keyboards respond faster and provide flawless tactile feedback. Well, in CS:GO that’s the most important thing.

Your movement and your aim in CS:GO are inseparable like a shoe and laces. Unlike CS 1.6, where while rifling and moving in the same time you couldn’t be completely precise, in CS:GO you can! So, it’s very important to use that to you advantage and not to remain static while you are engaged in duels. Тhere the need of mechanical keyboard emerges.

I assume, if you are among the upper 50% of the players, you are “shoulder/jiggle-peeking” angles a lot (A-D, A-D movement). At least decent players do. And imagine the advantage that other players with mechanical keyboards have over you when they are doing it.

With mechanical keyboard you can shoulder-peek intensively the same corner for like 100 times, and still have control over the movement. I challenge you to try and intensively shoulder-peek one angle with the casual keyboard multiple times. You’ll just lose control over your movement. Your model will start to float right-and-left, because membrane keyboards can’t provide intensive and precise feedback, you can’t STOP your model on time.

Mechanical keyboards take less time to register a key-contact. Some inexperienced individuals regarding the Counter-Strike will tell you that the keyboard doesn’t make much difference. Maybe back in CS 1.6 it didn’t, but now, since CS:GO is heavily movement-based game, the keyboard is almost as important as your headphones.

So, which is the best keyboard for CS:GO, you might ask? First, lets look into the switches. Under the key, there is a switch, and its very important to understand how they work before you invest your money in a mechanical keyboard. There are 3 types of switches that are most popular for mechanical keyboards now-days, and they are:

  • Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX red


For gaming purposes the most popular and optimal are Cherry MX Red ones. They are linear switches, which means that when you press the key, they provide equal feedback and require equal pressure from the top to the bottom of the key’s movement, and because of that, tactical feedback is relatively low on this ones. With Cherry MX Red switches you can double-tap a key in quick succession, which you very much need while gaming. They are not loud (like the Cherry MX Blue ones), which is good catch too.



  • Cherry MX Blue

cherry MX blue


The Cherry MX Blue provide very clicky feedback, and they are the best ones for typing. However, for gaming you might find them too loud, and that could be an issue depending on your gaming surroundings. With the blue ones, you can’t double-tap a key as quick as you would have with the red ones.





  • Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX brown


The Cherry MX Brown ones are the perfect balance between the two. They provide nice tactile feedback for gaming, and they are good for writing too. They are audible but not too loud.





So, all of that said, when you are looking to buy keyboard for CS:GO, you need to choose one with either Cherry MX Red switches, or Cherry MX Brown switches. I would advise you against the Blue switches, because they are not optimal for gaming purposes.

To assist with the task of finding the perfect gaming keyboard, we will bring to you the best keyboards for CS:GO that pro-players use.


 Corsair k70 rgbCorsair K70
Razer Blackwidow ChromaRazer
SteelSeries 6Gv2 cherry mx redSteelSeries 6Gv2Quick_Fire_TK_1__63356.1447253925.1280.1280CM Storm
Tesoro Durandal_G1NL_esportTesoro
Durandal G1NL
SwitchesCherry MX
Red/Brown switches
Razer Green
Mechanical Switches
Cherry MX Red switchesCherry MX Red/Brown/
Blue switches
Cherry MX Red
and Black
mixed switches
General Evaluation9.89.5/99
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  1. -Ninja- -Ninja-
    March 29, 2016    

    which one is better for csgo, blackwidow or corsair k70?

    • csgogeek csgogeek
      March 30, 2016    

      Hello Ninja,

      Its a subjective thing, some might find the Corsair K70 RGB more adequate, some the Blackwidow. But in general, the choice of the switches that Corsair is offering ( Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Brown), are more optimal for FPS gaming. So, we give an edge to Corsair K70.

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