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Budget Gaming PC for CS:GO | Gaming PC around 500$

In CS:GO we all want to have good amount of FPS (frames-per-second), so we can compete with others and improve ourselves, but that often requires to spend much money to build up a gaming PC. There are many CS:GO players that are in massive disadvantage because of their low FPS, and even if they are skillwise better than their opponents, still they are losing the engagements. With low FPS, spraying is a real nightmare!

Is there any solution for cheap gaming PC that would provide good amount of FPS at CS:GO, and could be adequate for other games like Dota2? Well, we hope that we can help you with that.


First off, lets be clear about something. There is quite popular misconception that irritates me, and can affect your perspective in a bad way. There are a number of “experts”, which would tell you that all you need in CS:GO – is to have equal amount of FPS as your monitor Hz. THAT IS TOTAL BULLS*IT, and you know it! So, according to them, to have a smooth gameplay at CS:GO you should have:

Monitor HZ = FPS. Lets see an example:
60Hz = 60 Fps
75Hz = 75 Fps
144Hz = 144 Fps



According to this, it would be perfectly playable if you play CS:GO on 75Hz LCD monitor and meanwhile have 75 Fps. More than 75 Fps in this case wouldn’t make any difference in performance. <—- THIS deserves a powerful facepalm, and whoever is under that deception should keep it for themselves, and not spread out to the community! I can see where they are coming from, but this theory can’t be applied to CS:GO at all.





In CS:GO the optimal amount of FPS for smooth gameplay would be around 300-350 fps, but that requires kick-a$$ gaming PC, and in first place – powerful processor, because the performance in CS:GO is mainly dependent of the processor. To achieve that and have stable 300 FPS the whole time, you could spend around 1000+ $ to build up the PC which would support it.

However, playing CS:GO with around 200 fps is not bad, its quite good actually and number of pro-players are playing with this amount of fps. And to build up the optimal configuration to have stable 200 fps at CS:GO could be way cheaper than the above-mentioned example.

So, lets build up our budget-friendly gaming PC for CS:GO.



 ComponentCheck price on Amazon
CPUIntel Core i5-4460Check on Amazon
GPUZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 4GBCheck on Amazon
MotherboardMSI Intel H81 LGA 1150 DDR3Check on Amazon
RAMKingston HyperX FURY 8GB Kit (2x4GB) 1600MHzCheck on Amazon
HDDWD Blue 1TB 7200 RPMCheck on Amazon
Power supply EVGA 500 WCheck on Amazon
CaseZalman ATX Mid TowerCheck on Amazon
TOTAL: 506-542 $
SSD ADATA Premier SP550 120GBCheck on Amazon
WindowsMicrosoft Windows 10 Home 64Check on Amazon


With this configuration, you should have 200 FPS even if you are playing CS:GO with video settings on medium-to-high. If you tend to play it with settings on low, you should have 250 stable FPS even in the most intensive moments in the game. The game would run smooth enough to provide a great gaming experience. If you are playing 4:3 aspect-ratio at 1024×768 resolution with settings on low, your FPS could reach 300 and definitely shouldn’t drop below 250 FPS at any point.

And more so, to say that this configuration is decent would be an understatement, so you could play other games without problem. Would be especially great for Dota2 and could support high settings too.



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  1. Stephen Stephen
    May 5, 2016    

    Actually the hz dont matter on fps due to the fact you can get rid of v-sync.

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