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Corsair Gaming K70 RGB

Corsair K70 RGB is among the most used keyboards by CS:GO pro-players, and rightfully so. The k70 is a 100% mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, and the perfect design, customization options and durability, surely reserves a place for K70 among the best gaming keyboards for CS:GO. Available with Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Brown switches.

Corsair k70 rgb


-100% Cherry MX Red/Blue/Brown RGB mechanical key switches for ultimate performance

-16.8M color backlighting per key for virtually unlimited customization

-Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum chassis for superior durability

-Custom display controller for fast and fluid 16.8M multicolor animation

-Onboard Memory

-Multimedia Keys

-All keys can serve a purpose of macro keys

-Detachable wrist rest

-Report Rate - 1000 Hz (USB) Rollover 104-Key with 100% Anti-Ghosting.

-Weight: 2.73lbs / 1.23 Kg

Corsair K70 RGBWhere from?
Cherry MX Red switchesCheck on Amazon
Cherry MX Brown switchesCheck on Amazon

Designed for winners

You get impressive looks, light weight, and the rugged durability you need for a keyboard that’s going to see a lot of action.

100% anti-ghosting with 104 key rollover on USB

Every keystroke translates into accurate gameplay — even when multiple keys are pressed. There’s no signal degradation, and it keeps up with you, no matter how fast you play.

Detachable soft-touch wrist rest

Give your wrists a break, or remove it if it gets in the way.

Assign macros to any key

Just one more reason why the K70 RGB is one of the most advanced gaming keyboards the world has ever seen – you can set up any key to trigger a macro. The all-new Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) makes it easy.

Fast and fluid RGB animation

The K70 RGB uses a Panasonic display controller for an amazing multicolor light show in a pulsing, waving and cascading array.

Onboard memory to take performance and lighting settings with you

Do you take your gaming to go? Built-in storage lets you set it up once, and take it anywhere.

Easy-access dedicated multimedia controls

You don’t just play games – you play music and video, too. Play, stop, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume directly from the K70 RGB.


Corsair Gaming K70 RGB LED



Corsair K70 RGB



  • Top-notch design and durability
  • Fully mechanical RED/BROWN Cherry MX switches
  • Unlimited lighting options
  • Dozens of customization options
  • Comfortable and removable wrist rest


  • Pricey
  • No USB and Multimedia ports on the keyboard itself

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