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DM1 PRO review

We all know about the gaming products that come from the giant companies like Razer, Steelseries, Zowie, Logitech, but have you ever heard of Dream Machines? I guess some of you are seeing this mouse for the first time, but for certain, the DM1 PRO is one hell of a great gaming mouse, especially for precision-sensitive FPS games like CS:GO. This is for sure one of the best gaming mice for CS:GOregarding the quality and performance.





When I’ve unpacked the mouse, what I saw was a Steelseries Sensei RAW in a disguise. The shape is the same, and that is for certain a good thing. It is perfect for any type of grip and hand size. The coating material is also decent. I am a claw-ish gripper, and when I’ve gripped the DM1 PRO, it felt like I’ve been playing with it for ages. This shape is really the safest one out there, and it’s really easy to get used to it.

DM1 PRO‘s shape is ambidextrous, but there are no side buttons on the right side of the mouse, which is a positive thing in my perspective . Usually, on ambidextrous mice the right side-buttons are causing distractions, since often you could press them unintentionally during intensive gaming sessions. You won’t have that issue on this mouse, and the Dreammachines made a really great job regarding that.

The DM1 PRO is plug-and-play mouse, which I like very much. Why would you bother with all that drivers and settings, since in CS:GO you need a pure performance. Basically, Dream Machines took the best ingredients from Zowie and Steelseries, threw them into the pot, and made a great and tasty lunch for the FPS gamers, metaphorically speaking. This mouse could be surely placed in the top 5 gaming mice for CS:GO.

The DPI settings are 400-5000, and the DPI button is placed right next to the scroll-wheel.  It’s very easy to change the DPI on-the-fly.

The only negativity for me on the DM1 PRO are the side-buttons (mouse 4 & mouse 5). They are really mushy to say at least, and I really don’t like them. Anyway, that is not a game-changer by any means.

The illumination on the logo and scroll-wheel pulsate, and the color alternate depending on the DPI settings.

  • 400 DPI – RED color
  • 800 DPI – BLUE color
  • 1600 DPI – GREEN color
  • 3200 DPI – PINK color
  • 5000 DPI – ORANGE color




As I’ve said, the shape of the DM1 PRO is really optimal for basically any hand-size and grip-type. I have quite large hands, and I didn’t had any issues regarding the comfort with my clawish-grip.





- Sensor: Optical PMW3310

- DPI: 400-5000 adjustable

- Response: 1000Hz

- Max Speed: 3.3 m/s

- Lift-off-distance: 1.8mm

- Buttons: 6 + Scroll Wheel

- Size: 126 x 68 x 39 mm

- Weight (without cable): 89g

- Cable: Braided 1.8 length 

- Surface: Matte Rubberized


Since the DM1 PRO uses the PMW3310 sensor, it’s intuitive to expect that it will perform flawlessly, which is exactly what it does. That is the same sensor used by Rival 300, and it’s one of the best and most precise optical sensors on the market. The sensor has zero hardware acceleration, and you have full control over your movements, which is especially important in CS:GO.

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I’ve tested the DM1 PRO’s precision and tracking speed through all the DPI settings, and I can comfortably say that it performs flawlessly, like you would expect from the PMW 3310.

The lift-off-distance is really perfect, it is around 1.5-1.8 mm, which is optimal value to have for FPS games, especially if you are lifting your mouse quite often (no pun intended, sorry Flusha).




The feedback on the Omron switches that DM1 PRO uses is also perfect. They provide great tactile-feedback, and I personally like them really much for one-tapping. However, the scroll-wheel (mouse 3) is quite hard to press in, and that would be a negativity if you are using the mouse 3 button intensively during the gaming sessions.

Anyway, regarding the performance, the DM1 PRO surely deserves a spot among the best mice for CS:GO and FPS games. Its performance and precision is high as it can be.




Same as any Zowie mice, the DM1 PRO doesn’t have bunch of features and settings, but what it offers is pure perfection in performance. The sensor, as I’ve mentioned few times, provides really impeccable performance, and the feedback on the switches is perfect.

The tracking speed is great on most of the surfaces, and the shape is a big contributor to my overall evaluation of this mouse. The Sensei’s shape in combination with one of the best sensors on the market, surely reserves a spot among the best mice for CS:GO.


All of that said, the Dream Machines made a really perfect product, and the DM1 PRO is surely a great gaming mouse for CS:GO to consider if you want perfect performance without any headache about mouse-drivers and updates.

However, I don’t really like the the braided cable. Braided cables add extra friction to the mouse-pad when moving the mouse, and it is really bad deal in my perspective. There are quite few top-notch gaming mice with braided cables (Deathadder Chroma for example), and I would really prefer if the cables were casual ones. However, that’s a subjective opinion, and some of you might prefer the braided cables instead.

Even though there are some negative aspects like the scroll-wheel and the tactile feedback on the side-buttons, overall the DM1 PRO is for certain right next to the best mouse for CS:GO and FPS games.


Many thanks to Dream Machines for providing this sample for review purposes.





Design and comfortability


Switches Feedback


Scroll-wheel feedback





  • - One of the best sensors on the market
  • - Safe and comfortable shape for any grip
  • - Plug-and-play, no drivers needed


  • - Quite bad tactile feedback on the side-buttons
  • - Hard-to-press mouse 3 (scroll-wheel)

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