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SteelSeries Rival 300 review

At this point, we know that the mices that comes from SteelSeries are often found on the CS:GO pro-player’s tables. For example the Rival, Sensei, Kana etc. In the FPS gaming world, SteelSeries are a damn GIANT. Why is that? Well, because they serve and deliver for every little need that FPS gamer has. Speaking of mouses, they deliver with simplicity, comfort and, most importantly – high performance.

Matter of fact, SteelSeries Rival 300 is exactly that. Its not surprise that the Rival 300 became a real “rival” to all other popular gaming mices. Is the Rival 300 among the best mices for CS:GO? Well, yes, it is for sure. Lets see why!
steelseries rival 300


SteelSeries came pretty confident with the new invention, and rightfully so. The Rival 300 sparked unconventional hype for a simple optical mouse, and the hype was well deserved. His design is nothing like previous SteelSeries mouses, except of course his ancestor Rival 100. Its obvious that the designs of the Sensei, Kana, Kinzu are pretty similar, but the Rival’s design is way different.

RIVAL 300 is a large mouse, hes extremely ergonomic and optimized just for right-handed users. The Rival has oddly long body, and is insanely comfortable (especially for all of us – large hands mutants) to use for long gaming sessions, and has textured rubber in right places to give you the grip you need in CS:GO. Also it has “anti-sweat-coating“, which helps if you have sweaty palms. The side switches (mouse 4 and mouse 5) have nice travel time and feedback, are quite big and easy accessible.


rival nameplate


SteelSeries Rival 300 comes with very elegant illumination, which you can customize however you want from 16.8M colors within the SS3 software. Also, there is a 3D Printable Nameplate, which means that you can change it and place, for instance, your nickname in there.





- Sensor: Optical, Pixart PMW3310 
- CPI: 50-6500
- Polling rate: 1ms
- Tracking Accuracy: 1:1
- IPS: 200
- Zero Hardware Acceleration
- Buttons: 6
- Cable Length: 2 m/ 6.5 ft
- Design: Ergonomic, Right-Handed
- SteelSeries Switches: Rated for 30 Million Clicks
- Color options: 16.8 Milion
- SteelSeries Engine Support: SSE3


Testing the precision and the tracking speed of the Rival 300, i can comfortably say that it is flawless. The mouse has zero hardware acceleration, which means it behaves exactly like “you tell him to do”. Ive tested it at lowest, and at full speed, and it reads every little movement. Our experts say that SteelSeries RIVAL 300, no doubt has one of the best sensors on the market at the moment. The feeling of the switches is also magnificent, but that’s not surprising when we put SteelSeries in the context.  I’d say that the Steelseries Rival 300 is ideal mouse for FPS games like CS:GO.

steelseries rival1


Well, this is not hard equation is it?! The SteelSeries Rival 300 can easily earn the title – “the best mouse for CS:GO” at the moment. Even tho that type of rankings are subjective, we can easily rank him in the top 3 mouses for CS:GO regarding his qualities. Taken every benefit into perspective, he deserves that. Like we said, the design is perfect and its especially comfortable for large-hand-sized users.  His sensor tracks perfectly, which is crucial part of your aiming in CS:GO. It also comes with SS3 engine, which means that the mouse is fully customizable.

His only flaw is that his build is only for right-handed gamers, so, lefties, i’m truly sorry that you cant get your hand(s) on this product. His price is also affordable, so, if you are looking to buy a mouse that is perfect in every aspect, and a mouse that is used by the CS:GO pro-players, SteelSeries Rival 300 is your GO,GO,GO.


NOTE: The SteelSeries Rival 300 is EXTREMELY large mouse, so if you have small hands, just DON’T look into it. It would be extremely difficult for you to fully “feel” the mouse and use it to full potential. If you, indeed, have small hands, i would suggest to you to look into : SteelSeries Sensei RAW,  Logitech G303, Zowie Fk1 / Fk2.


CS:GO Pro-players using SteelSeries Rival 300: Olofmeister, friberg, Fer, Flusha


Steelseries Rival 300




design & comfortability


switches feedback


scroll wheel feedback





  • Top-notch sensor
  • Perfect gliding
  • Fully customisable
  • Extremely comfortable for large/medium hand-sized users


  • Not for left-handed users
  • Not trully comfortable for small hand-sized users


  1. Jonny Jonny
    April 15, 2016    

    I bought rival but i screwed myself, i have really small hands and i cant play on it. So im thinking about changing it and buy Kana v2, what you think about kana v2? is it good replacement for the rival? I wish i saw your text note before i bought it but thats it

    • csgogeek csgogeek
      April 17, 2016    

      Hi Jonny,

      It depends. The Kana v2 has a very precise, powerful sensor without hardware acceleration, but that comes with a trade for lift-off-distance. If you lift your mouse quite often while playing, i wouldn’t recommend the Kana v2, it has lift-off-distance which is about 4mm, and that is too much to play comfortably. Since you have small hands, i would recommend the SteelSeries Sensei RAW, or the Zowie FK2 (which is smaller version of the FK1).

      Check our reviews to learn more about them.

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