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Best mouse for CS:GO 2016 | Gaming mo...

Best mouse for CS:GO 2016 | Gaming mouse reviews

To achieve your goals at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and to be able to play on higher level, you need decent gaming gear that will help you improve your gameplay. For starters, two things that are directly related to your performance in CS:GO, and which will help you to improve your skill overall, is your Mouse and Headphones. […]

Razer Taipan review


In the FPS gaming world we haven’t seen many pro-players who play Razer mouse other than Razer Deathadder, but there is one more little friend that we can add to the FPS gaming mouses. That is Razer Taipan. Nice ambidextrous mouse that can be used by right, and also left handed users. FIRST IMPRESSIONS Me as […]

Zowie FK1 review

Zowie fk1 side

I’ll make a wild guess and say that you saw a bunch of gaming mouse reviews , but you couldn’t decide which one is the best mouse for CS:GO to have. Well, if some of the top-rated gaming mice’s for CS:GO seems huge and cumbersome to you, such as SteelSeries Rival 300, Razer Deathadder Chroma, Zowie […]

SteelSeries Rival 300 review

steelseries rival 100 black02

At this point, we know that the mices that comes from SteelSeries are often found on the CS:GO pro-player’s tables. For example the Rival, Sensei, Kana etc. In the FPS gaming world, SteelSeries are a damn GIANT. Why is that? Well, because they serve and deliver for every little need that FPS gamer has. Speaking of mouses, they […]

Gaming gear. Why do you need it?

Gaming gear. Why do you need it?

To explain why do You need gaming gear, and why actually it is imperative for Your progress as a gamer that allows You to reach Your full potential (especially in CS:GO), i’ll use simple analogy.   Lets say, hypothetically, that You are a car racer. You have all the possible skill that You could have […]

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